Vending machines for rent Venev Vending

"Venev Vending" is a company established in 2001 and is engaged in import, sale and repair of vending machines.

Guided by the desire to fully meet the requirements of our clients, we specialized in leasing vending machines for rent.

All vending machines for coffee, soft drinks and packed food are included in our portfolio for rent.

"Venev Vending" sells and leases for rent vending machines of the worldwide recognized brands for vending machines – Flymax and Saeco, and coin acceptors CoinCo.

"Venev Vending" is an importer of consumables for coffee machines "Jacobs", "Baristo", "Elia" and "Mauro", soluble high quality products "Satro".

Vending machines for rent "Venev Vending" have years of experience in leasing vending machines for coffee and soft drinks. 

Over the years we have proved ourselves as a trustworthy partner for leasing vending machines to small, medium and large enterprises, auto services, offices, as well as ministries and organizations from the nongovernmental sector. We lease coffee machines with capsules to offices, as well as to individuals and private homes. Our vending machines are extremely suitable for large industrial workshops and for small sewing companies and productions.

"Venev Vending" offers import of vending machines for coffee and hot drinks, vending machines for cold drinks and vending machines for packed goods.

The vending machines that we offer for rent are.

  • Vending machine for packed goods and cold drinks.
  • Vending machine for beverages.
  • Stationery vending machine for sale of packed goods, bottles and cans.
  • Coffee machines for rent for offices.
  • Coffee vending machines for rent for production halls.
  • Vending machines for rent.