Coffee vending machines for rent

We at "Venev Vending" offer coffee vending machines for rent for coffee and hot drinks, with a variety of options for choice of beverage.

The clients prefer the coffee vending machines of "Venev Vending" because of the quality with which they work and the products with which the machines are supplied.

The coffee vending machines for rent that we have available are from the best brands such as Flymax and Saeco, the coffee with which we work is "Jacobs", "Baristo", "Elia" and "Mauro", and with all of this we guarantee the qualitative coffee and the good functioning of the coffee machines for rent.

The coffee machines for rent can be placed almost anywhere as long as they can be supplied with electricity and water, and are protected from marauding, and of course have a suitable flow of people on the relevant spot. 

Our coffee vending machines for rent are equipped with mechanisms for returning change that allows the clients to freely order the desired beverage without worrying whether they have exact money for that.

The consumables for the coffee vending machine are supplied by us and we always use renowned coffee brands, cups, stirrers, sugar, etc. The guarantee service is always assumed by "Venev Vending".

If you think that you have a place that is suitable for the coffee vending machine, don’t hesitate to call us and we will give you one for rent.