Consumables for coffee vending machines

Consumables for coffee vending machines, coffee, cups, stirrers, etc.After the installation of the vending machine, coffee machine or water dispenser for rent, we will deliver to you all necessary consumables for them.

The consumables for the coffee vending machines are flavored quality coffee, powdered milk, chocolate, granule tea, sugar, cups, stirrers, etc. The water as a consumable for the coffee vending machine for rent is supplied either in situ by a direct source or with a water container for the vending machine. "Venev Vending" will deliver everything that is necessary in order for the clients of the vending machine to feel satisfied by their choice.

The large vending machines for rent that are supplied with food and beverages include as consumables packed food, snacks, sandwiches, croissants, wafers, different chocolate desserts, as well as soft drinks and water, which we from "Venev Vending" will deliver and load in situ in your vending machine.

If you have rented a small coffee machine with capsules, the consumables for it are different types of coffee drinks in the form of dosed capsules, we will offer and deliver to your office various combinations of coffee in capsules and accompanying stuff like disposable cups, stirrers, sugar, etc.

The water dispensers for rent include as a consumable mainly mineral or table water, as well as disposable cups. We can deliver the whole range of mineral and table water, which is available on the market, so that your employees and clients are not left thirsty.