Food and beverage vending machines for rent

We at "Venev Vending" lease vending machines for packed food, sandwiches and burgers, as well as for cold carbonated drinks, they are very suitable for places with a large flow of people, for example big factories, enterprises, shopping centers, etc.

The vending machines for food and beverages that are for rent are supplied by us with constantly fresh and in shelf life food and beverages, with which we guarantee the health of the clients of the vending machine.

The vending machines are only from reputable manufacturers and with guaranties for good performance of the processes for buying food.

We have modules for use of non-cash personal cards that can be installed in the leased vending machines for food, with which you will facilitate their use in the enterprises for example, because you save the needs of the staff to carry loose change in order to buy food or a drink.

The vending machines for food and beverages are big enough in order to offer a rich variety of sandwiches, snacks, chips, desserts, wafers, carbonated drinks and water, and they can also be combined with vending machines for hot drinks which will satisfy all of the needs of your staff.

If you are in need of offering refreshments and hot or cold drinks, we from "Venev Vending" will offer you the most appropriate set of vending machines for rent that are for hot drinks, soft drinks, coffee or tea.