Large vending machines for rent

Large vending machines for rent for industrial premises, auto services, sewing workshops and many others from "Venev Vending".

The large vending machines give an opportunity for combined sale of hot drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc., along with packed products for food, snacks, sandwiches, croissants, wafers, chocolate desserts, as well as cold drinks, soft drinks, water, ice tea, etc.

The large vending machines for rent are suitable for large enterprises, production halls and other places through which large flows of people pass with various needs of beverages and food throughout the day.

These vending machines combine wonderfully with devices and cards for non-cash payment, this will facilitate the work of the staff with the vending machine that is rented from "Venev Vending".

We will supply the vending machine with consumables, food and beverages, and we will perform any repair services if needed.

The large vending machines for rent are supplied always with fresh and in shelf life products with which we guarantee the health of the clients.

If you are in need of a complex solution for food and beverages in your workshop or premises, the large vending machines for rent from "Venev Vending" are the ideal solution for you. We guarantee quality machines from reputable brands, such as Flymax and Saeco, as well as consumables from companies like "Jacobs", "Baristo", "Elia" and "Mauro", Satro.