Personal identity cards for non-cash payment

We at "Venev Vending" not only offer vending machines for rent but cards for non-cash payment, which are supplied with a certain amount for every day, as well.

A personal card can facilitate your employees in the use of food and beverages from the vending machines.

You can use the personal non-cash cards as a bonus encouragement to your staff by supplying each card with a certain amount with which the employee will be able to buy food or beverages from the relevant vending machine.

With non-cash cards it is unproblematic to buy beverages and food in enterprises in which the employees do not carry money with them, and it is not necessary for them to prepare in advance with loose change in order to buy food or coffee.

The vending machines for rent are equipped with card modules for non-cash payment and they are handy for large enterprises, workshops, factories and other similar places where customers of the machine are mainly staff who daily use food and drinks by the machine.

We will deliver and install the vending machine with a device for personal non-cash payments, we will supply you with the necessary number of cards, and we will make sure that your vending machine is always supplied with consumables, food and beverages.