Small vending machines with capsules for rent

We at "Venev Vending" offer for rent small coffee vending machines with capsules, suitable for offices that don’t have a large capacity of people.

The machines are from world renowned brands, such as Flymax and Saeco, and the variety of combinations of the capsules will satisfy even the most refined connoisseurs of coffee.

We work with capsules with high quality Italian coffee which is a guarantee for its quality. The coffee capsules Lavazza are roasted, grounded and packed in Italy, which is a guarantee for its quality.

The vending machines with capsules that are offered by "Venev Vending" are extremely suitable for offices with 10 – 20 people, and will satisfy the needs of your staff for well-brewed coffee, cappuccino,mochaccino and etc., and by adding milk they will satisfy all needs of the lovers of coffee.

We at "Venev Vending" will provide the consumables for the small coffee machines with capsules for rent, we will supply you with a variety of flavors and combinations of capsules, with disposable cups, stirrers, sugar, etc. 

The guarantee service of the machines with capsules for rent is covered by us, and the only thing that you have to worry about is enjoying the good coffee.