Terms and conditions for using vending machines for rent

In order for you to use our vending machines, coffee machines or water dispensers for rent, you have to take into consideration the minimum quantities of coffee, beverages, food and water that you have to declare monthly.

For the purpose of the vending machines for rent, you must ensure a proper space for the installation according to the size of the vending machines, no matter if they are small coffee machines for rent or large vending machines for food and beverages, the space must allow an easy access to the vending machineand an unproblematic use by your employees or visitors.

The servicing of the vending machines for rent, of the coffee machines and water dispensers is entirely assumed by us.

We will deliver all necessary products and consumables for the vending machines for rent.

The coffee machines, dispensers and vending machines must be supplied with electricity that is suitable for the relevant machine, and they must be installed in a place where they will be safe from natural and climatic conditions, as well as from marauding.

You can order machines for rent from anywhere in the country, we have large machines placed in big cities across Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and many others.

You can request to rent small coffee machines with capsules for your office or vending machines for your shop, and even large vending machines for food and beverages for your production hall.

We offer personal identity cards for non-cash payment for large vending machines for food and beverages, which you can use as a bonus encouragement for your staff.

We work only with reputable brands of vending machines and coffee machines for rent, such as Flymax and Saeco.