Vending machines for rent

Vending machines for rent supplied with coffee and hot drinks. "Venev Vending" is a company with years of experience in sale and leasing of vending machines for coffee and hot drinks.

We offer for sale and we lease large vending machines for production halls with packed food and bottled soft drinks and water. The main activity of the company is installation and maintenance of the vending machines, coffee vending machines, as well as vending machines for packed food.

The company "Venev Vending" built confidence in the clients with whichit works and became a leading company for leasing coffee machines and vending machines for packed food.

We serve offices and lease vending machines in the cities Blagoevgrad, Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Kyustendil, Sandanski, Petrich and many others. We at "Venev Vending" can deliver, install and maintain coffee vending machines and vending machines for rent in an office, manufacturing facility or administrative building chosen by you.

The conditions for renting vending machines and coffee machines are subject to individual agreement depending on the period for renting and the amount of the monthly consumption. 

We aim at keeping optimally good prices for the client according to the market conjuncture, consistent with the quantity of the monthly consumption of coffee and hot drinks.

The vending machines return us change, a function that a few vending machines on the market have and that is a big relief for your clients, and it does not require always having exact money.